"Filakitaki® is a thing, an invention that riddles your tongue, we wish to steal smiles from you with doodles and words, we wish to extract a little of the scenes of our big little land, from our streets, our people and translate it into lines, colors and ideas that will brighten your day.

We are here for those who live here, for those who come visit us, for those who smile and enjoy."

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T-Shirts & More

T-Shirts & More

T-Shirts, aprons, tote bags, towels and more. We have a variety of accessories that will make you just smile!

Designs and Doodles

Designs and Doodles

You can aim at getting your own doodles with our style or you may use our already branded doodles with a license and permission.

Specialty Sales

Specialty Sales

We have the capability of creating custom designs and accessories with the styles that you desire.

Wholesale Buyers

Wholesale Buyers

We have a variety of items available wholesale buyers.
Prices and delivery will depend on your order. Wholesale

Our Work

It all starts with a few lines, take a look at some of our work process.

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Deliveries & Pick Ups

Deliveries or pickups will take between five to seven (5 – 7) working days due to the time that it takes to create the handmade pieces.

The production and delivery process will begin after your full payment has ben received.

For pickups it will also apply between five to seven (5 – 7) working days.


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