Design Services

Doodling for you

We can create exclusively designed doodles and toons for your personal use or to use in your business.


Enjoy filakitaki® designs for your business or personal use.

There are a few options in which you can use our designs.


You may choose to use our already branded designs, together with your brand, in advertising campaigns or other places through a license / permission, following our usage guide.


Wholesale Options

We provide some of our products for wholesale buyers.
You may acquire them with our designs or plain for your own use.

Tote Bags
Beach Bags
T Shirts

We proudly support the local artisans and we are able to acquire handcrafted products from different providers.

We may also resell stock from other company and offer competitive prices on factory made items.

The minimum amount to receive wholesale prices on any combination of items $300.00


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*not all online products available in stores.

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